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Ronaldo’s hat trick takes Portugal for a walk against Luxembourg

We have World Championship Cristiano Ronaldo gave Portugal a stroll in front of their own audience in Tuesday’s qualifier against Luxembourg.

Cristiano Ronaldo continues to make history Portugal after scoring a new hat trick that allowed his national team to score a 5-0 win over Luxembourg. With this result they reach 16 points with one point behind Serbia and one more game before the end. Beyond the qualifications in their sector, Portugal are proving that they are one of the frontrunners trying to make it into the tournament right now. Within the Portuguese group, the top position continues and the second place goes into the knockout round.

Today Cristiano received two consecutive penalties that were only five minutes apart. He was knocked twice in the penalty area and earned his chance to score both penalties. That was a double before the 20th minute of the first half, which Bruno Fernandes rounded up with a third goal. We hadn’t gotten through the first half hour of the game and Portugal had already won 3-0 against Luxembourg. It wasn’t difficult to see the massive difference in level between the two sides.

Ronaldo seals the hat trick with excitement.

In the second half, Bruno Fernandes wanted to make a difference with his ball control, just like he did with Manchester United. He prepared Palhinha for his goal that put Portugal in fourth place of the evening. Just a few minutes before the end of the game, Cristiano Ronaldo continued to push for his hat trick. He eventually did it on a submission from Gonçalo Guedes, who may have given him the passport when Ronaldo was in an illegal position.

But VAR intervened and confirmed that it was a legal target. Before his hat trick, there was a nice moment when Cristiano tried a new kick on his bike, which the Luxembourg goalkeeper saved spectacularly. With these three goals, Ronaldo becomes the first European footballer in history to score 10 hat tricks in history. He also achieved the impressive 115 goals scored with his national team. The gift that passes on.

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