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Mirandinha thrilled after takeover – cult hero declares: “Now Newcastle United will fight for title”

Mirandinha arrived at St. James Park in 1987.

As the first Brazilian ever to play in the English premier class, it was definitely an adventure with him.

The 28-year-old striker literally shot from anywhere and obviously frustrated his teammates a lot.

Mirandinha was bought for £ 575,000 to replace Peter Beardsley, who joined Liverpool for £ 1.9million. Gazza took him under his wing and was notorious for teaching the unsuspecting Mirandinha lots of swear words, which he ended up repeating at inopportune times.

His first season was very decent as the fans showed up for the game in sombreros. Mirandinha scored 11 first division goals in 1987-88 but was dwarfed by an 18-year-old Michael O’Neill, who arrived and scored 12 in 19 games. With players like Gazza and Paul Goddard also on the team, there was real quality, Newcastle United ended up in eighth place in the table.

However, ahead of Mirandinha’s second and final season at St. James Park, Gazza left £ 2.2m and Willie McFaul went on a crazy shopping spree and bought a goalkeeper in Dave Beasant who would get the ball on the field. however, that summer McFaul had brought in attacking players like Robertson and Hendrie, who were also on the smaller side like Mirandinha. That season proved to be disastrous when Newcastle were relegated, despite Mirandinha becoming top scorer with 11 goals in the first division before returning to Brazilian club Palmeiras after relegation in 1989.

Perhaps a bit like the Newcastle fans at Tino Asprilla, those of us who were there at the end of the 80s will get a smile on our faces when the name Mirandinha comes up: “We have Mirandinha, it is not from Argentina, it is from Brazil, he’s fucking awesome! ”

Anyway, Mirandinha is still a huge Newcastle United fan and his daughter was born in the best city in the world with the Newcastle acquisition in Brazil making big headlines. The 62-year-old gave an interview to the media there and talked about how happy he is for the fans, including him!

Mirandinha in conversation with Globo Esporte:

“I think this sale is a dream for Newcastle fans and I’m including myself as a fan because I still like the club and have a lot of friendships there. With players, managers and fans who always come to me and ask for an autograph or something similar.

“Now Newcastle United will fight for the title.

“I believe that from now on the club’s fans will feel supported and have the prospect of fighting for great things in football.

“I was the first Brazilian to play in the Premier League. That means a lot to me, it will be shaped for a lifetime.

“English football gave me the opportunity to break a taboo that Brazilians didn’t play in the Premier League, only Argentines played.

“I played great games for Newcastle and I broke what the Brazilians didn’t play in England.

“Today there is a huge legion of Brazilians playing in the Premier League and that is good news.

“The way I was received by the Newcastle people was a joyful moment.

“My daughter was born in Newcastle in 1987, it all means a lot and has a very high value for my whole life.”

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