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Collateral Ronaldo’s loss calls for Man Utd’s exit in January

A pundit has highlighted one particular Manchester United player as the biggest casualty of Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford and urged him to seek an exit in January to save his international career.

When bitter rival Manchester City started negotiations with Ronaldo, Red half of Manchester jumped into action. Already a legend at the club, Ronaldo was always ready to pick the Red Devils when faced with a choice.

Despite being 36 years old, Ronaldo has already made several telling contributions on the pitch. He scored a brace on his renewed debut and scored an incredibly important last-minute winner to get United’s Champions League campaign against Villarreal back on track.

However, his return has also caused quite a stir in the front ranks, especially when maneuvering Edinson Cavani the order down.

The Uruguayan veteran only has 104 minutes of playing time this season. Cavani got off to a rare start in the last game against Everton but only stayed 57 minutes when he was replaced by Ronaldo in the second half.

His lack of national playing time has also started to invade the international arena. In the recent World Cup qualifier loss to Argentina, Cavani was chosen by the bank.

His compatriot Gus Poyet therefore believes a January exit may be necessary to save his international career.

“He was unlucky because he was the main striker without Ronaldo,” said Poyet talkSPORT (over the sun).

“Juventus’ decision to get Man City involved was incredibly against one person – and that was Cavani. Maybe he should move in January.

“I don’t know him from the outside. But if I were him, to see how things are now and see how he doesn’t make 90 minutes for the national team because he’s not playing – maybe.

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Cavani’s response to Man Utd’s reduced role

The center forward recently spoke to the Uruguayan outlet El Observador regarding its shortened playing time.

Cavani admitted it was “not like last year,” but stopped making excitement shortly before.

“In football you always have to be ready,” said Cavani. “It’s one of the top level keys.

“Sometimes you play more, sometimes less, managers make decisions. But that doesn’t stop the work from always being competitive.

“The league has only just started and it had to be me, not quite like last year, but I’m there to be a part of it.”

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