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Craig Hope drops Newcastle United manager news

The Daily Mail’s Craig Hope has delivered a new update on the current state of affairs with Newcastle United boss Steve Bruce.

What’s the matter?

After the acquisition finalized last week, all signs pointed to Bruce’s imminent exit, and while it hasn’t happened yet, Hope has insisted it appears to be a case of when and not if.

He said: “In the meantime, head coach Steve Bruce remains in office after meeting Amanda Staveley at the training ground on Monday. However, it has always been assumed that it would be at least mid-week for Bruce to be removed before Spurs’ visit on Sunday.

“The focus of the new owners is still on the management situation, appointments such as sports director and chairman of the board should follow in due course.

“Sources have downplayed the likelihood that Frank Lampard is the man in charge, although they have also emphasized that given the number of votes involved in the process, there are many options on the table.”

Fans will be delighted

Make no mistake getting Bruce deleted would be the first era-defining move the club’s new owners could make.

The Magpies boss has long been under fire from fans and getting rid of him ahead of the weekend’s Premier League game against Tottenham seems like the perfect time to get some fresh air for the club.

Hope’s update that the new owners will remove Bruce from his post is sure to reassure fans who may have been concerned about the lack of action on this front so far.

And the suggestion that there are a number of voices involved in deciding who should be the next man at the top is exciting read given how small the power was during the regime of Mike Ashley existed.

Newcastle fans are sure to be delighted with the prospect of a new era.

In the meantime, Newcastle could sign this former Premier League star for free …

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