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England face Italy and Hungary investigations

England face possible UEFA sanctions for spectator problems before and after the EURO 2020 final with Italy, but also other problems with Hungarian fans at Wembley Stadium last night.

The venue of English football is at the center of several controversies over security, police and stewards after months of chaotic scenes.

UEFA will hold a hearing on Monday on the major issues that emerged during the EURO 2020 final on July 11th.

Hundreds of fans without tickets were able to gain entry before kick-off and push their way through the gates, supported by brawls outside between English supporters and with the police.

It is reported that the Football Association of England could be charged with violating Article 16 (2) (h) of the UEFA Disciplinary Code, which stipulates that all associations are liable for any lack of order or discipline in or around the stadium.

Italian media attending the semi-finals at Wembley between England and Denmark had also reported several people who were allowed in without tickets.

To make matters worse for England is the fact that Wembley also experienced incidents last night in the 1-1 draw against Hungary.

Hungary fans, with reports that some Polish fans had teamed up with them for that game, clashed with police in the stands and one was arrested on suspicion of racially insulting a steward.

The footage showed that the Hungarian fans were able to repel the police, who retreated down a flight of stairs and again asked big questions about the security and organization at Wembley Stadium.

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