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Venuti: Representing Florence and Fiorentina is a dream

Florence‘S Lorenzo Venuti living a dream by representing his youth club and hometown in Serie A.

The 26-year-old Venuti was on loan with Brescia, Benevento and Lecce in the past, but now plays for La Viola in the top division and still has to pinch himself sometimes.

“As I’ve always said, I’m proud of that,” Venuti told Fiorentina’s internal media outlets. “It’s hard to put into words how proud it makes me. To represent my city, to be seen as an icon … for me a dream has come true.

“But it can be too much – I know that. Sometimes people look at me as ‘Lollo from Florence’ or ‘Lollo who rose in youth’ and forget about Lollo the player.

“I’m a gamer too. I don’t just represent Florence because I put my heart and soul into it. I have technical, physical and tactical qualities. People are free to discuss it – there is no doubt about it.

“I will always put Florence on a pedestal. I will always have good things to say about it and I enjoy talking about it, but I know that it can get a little too much at times.

Although Venuti enjoyed his time at Fiorentina, he admitted that being a footballer is not always easy.

“Everyone knows that people are trying to get close to you as a footballer,” said Venuti. “People want to make false friendships, friendships with something in return. It’s always there – part of the game.

“Unfortunately, the life of a footballer is monotonous. People tend to focus on the good things in footballer’s life, which is fair enough.

“But there are also many victims that are involved – a great many. When you reach that level, your life will be nothing but games, exercise, and home. You don’t have time for anything else.

“Players are often seen as machines. Journalists criticize you because they think you are a machine without feelings. We are people and we take things up. Many players have a difficult time because of this.

“I think it’s important that players outside of football find something that will distract them and make life less monotonous. It helps to ease the burden and distract the mind from things. “

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