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Wilshere on Arteta’s Arsenal coaching

Former Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere is back at the club to keep fit and participate in training sessions.

The Spanish tactician was highly rated as part of Pep Guardiola’s coaching team at Manchester City, but he hasn’t always had the easiest time at the Emirates Stadium.

In fairness, this was a difficult first task for Arteta when he ventured into management.

Wilshere clearly seems impressed with what he’s seen of Arteta and the former England international also praised his leadership skills when they played together for the Gunners.

“I think he did a good job before I got there and since I’ve seen his coaching style I think that’s one of his strongest qualities as a manager, he’s a good coach,” Wilshere told the Daily Mirror.

Mikel Arteta was not entirely convincing as an Arsenal coach

“He makes it clear to the players what he wants from them and I think you can see that on the pitch. They have a clear philosophy and a way of playing and I think that’s thanks to the coach.

“He’s a very practical trainer, he’s on the pitch, talking to people and screaming, pulling people where he wants them and really making it clear to them.

“You see a clear philosophy that they want to play from behind and play right, and I think they’ll get better at that. They have a young team there that is getting better and better at it and that will get better and better over time.

“I think there are a lot more of them, but they’re moving in the right direction.”

Commenting on the game with Arteta, Wilshere added, “He was always like a natural leader, he wasn’t the captain when he first came in but from the day he walked in he spoke to the people on the training ground and demanded things from player.

“As time went on and when he got the armband, you began to see more and more of it.”

Arsenal fans will be intrigued to get that insight from Wilshere, but since they can’t see what’s happening on the training pitch, they may be more judgmental depending on how things are when the team is out there in competitive games.

Right now it’s nowhere near good enough for a club the size of Arsenal, but Wilshere’s comments suggest that it might be worthwhile to be patient with Arteta and the project he’s tackling at the Emirates Stadium.

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