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Mark Lawrenson feels sorry for Steve Bruce for being treated like this

Mark Lawrenson spoke about his old pal Steve Bruce.

The BBC sports expert believes Steve Bruce was made tough (no surprise).

Mark Lawrenson has repeatedly defended the Newcastle United head coach as fans have voiced their dissatisfaction with his work.

Now the former Liverpool player has criticized the new Newcastle owners, accusing them of “dying” Steve Bruce in St James Park last week after the takeover.

Most fans thought it would be an early release for Steve Bruce, but it was announced on Thursday that he would take over the media duties / press conference on Friday and then likely to sit in the dugout against Spurs on Sunday. This is apparently because the new owners are still working to appoint a replacement, but things made it difficult during the Premier League season.

Mark Lawrenson believes new owners should, “Whatever the decision about his future, just tell him and make it public.”

Well, the new owners (Amanda Staveley and Mehrdad Ghodoussi) met Steve Bruce on Monday for around an hour on the training grounds and since then could of course have had other conversations that were not reported.

The bottom line is that Mark Lawrenson is only guessing, while in fact Bruce is very well informed of the new owners’ plan and its place in it, if any.

Regarding the IPO of the new owners with whatever intentions, their assessment is unquestionable that this would not help the current difficult situation, at least for the time being.

Having to take over the club at short notice and during one season is difficult enough, taking over when this club is in the relegation zone and has no wins in the first eight games (all competitions) is a nightmare.

Commenting on Sunday’s game, Mark Lawrenson said of Tottenham: “I don’t think they can spoil the party for Newcastle fans in the stands.”

However, he only predicts that Newcastle United will take a point from a 1-1 draw with the new owners.

I’m not saying this is a must win game, but I think, given the extremely positive atmosphere following Ashley’s departure to help, I think this is probably the most winning game in the next five or so Weeks is away, with the Palace away, Chelsea home and then Brighton to follow.

Hopefully whoever is in the dugout will do everything possible to take advantage of the atmosphere on Sunday and get the NUFC players to Spurs from the first whistle.

Not many (any?) Newcastle fans would say Steve Bruce is the ideal person for this, but it actually looks like it could be.

And the pity for Steve Bruce? Well, either way, he’s still going to be putting a fortune in his pockets whether he carries on for now or leaves after doing a really seedy job where he would have been fired from pretty much any other club.

In just over two years, under Mike Ashley, he’s had a net spend of $ 125 million.

I’m sorry for the Newcastle fans who had to endure Steve Bruce …

Mark Lawrenson in conversation with BBC Sport:

“I keep reading about who will be the next Newcastle manager.

“So I’m sorry for Magpies boss Steve Bruce because nobody came out and said what happened to him.

“Whatever the decision for his future, just tell him and make it public.

“Don’t just let it dangle.

“It’s not an ideal situation for him or his players.

“Tottenham found a bit of form in the last game against Aston Villa but they are still far from convincing and I don’t think they can spoil the party for Newcastle fans in the stands.

“Prediction is Newcastle 1 Tottenham 1.”

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