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Gary Neville calls Man Utd “incompetent” after being Solskjaer. finally blamed it

Gary Neville claimed that Manchester United were “incompetent” in a certain element of football and eventually blamed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for the club’s problems.

Manchester United suffered a gloomy 5-0 defeat against bitter rivals Liverpool on Sunday. The win was Liverpool’s highest ever against United at Old Trafford.

And while the Reds looked back on their ominous best, United did themselves a disservice with a disjointed and flawed presentation.

Indeed, a certain element of their performance left much to be desired.

After criticism of the top four’s lack of defensive performance recently, United seemed intent on pressing high on the pitch.

However, the players rarely pressed as a unit, making it relatively easy for Liverpool to break the lines.

Speak up after the game Sky Sports, Gary Neville claimed today’s result was “as bad as it gets”. He then went on to say that Solskjaer and his staff must “take the blame” for United’s misguided pressing. That comes after Neville was extremely reluctant to criticize his former teammate in public.

“This is the first super team they play against and they are going to be torn apart,” said Neville.

“As I said before, half-decent teams score goals against them, real teams will beat them.

“That’s bad, we lost all the games, Sir Alex Ferguson lost 6-1 to Manchester City, I lost 5-0 in Newcastle, it happens but it’s in the nature of the performance they” capitulated.

“Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will get the chance to change it, I think, but there will be undreamt-of pressure from every side.

“The manager is going to get an absolute caning and there will be calls to his head like you wouldn’t believe for the next 24 hours.”

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Gary Neville devastates Solskjaer’s urgent mission

“What catches my eye is the organization around the press,” continued the expert. “Liverpool squeezes aimlessly with no real trigger and just pulls them apart – so many other things, badly one by one.

“Hey [Solskjaer] and his coaching team are responsible for the team’s press work.

“Whatever happened in Leicester was repeated today. I can’t believe the tactics of pressing. They are not capable, they do not have it all. Rashford, Greenwood, Ronaldo, you won’t win the ball back with these three. You have to play on the counterattack.

“Solskjaer played deep and on the counter for three years. I have no idea why he tried to push here. This Man Utd team is not able to press. “

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