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Ronaldo has the power to stage a coup at Old Trafford, so why not?

Based on Cristiano Ronaldo’s angry hand gestures during a game for Manchester United, it seems like the Portuguese superstar is getting tired of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s life.

While Ronaldo is looking increasingly frustrated these days and you have the feeling that sooner or later something has to give way, it is worth noting that the 36-year-old has not yet tried to orchestrate a coup by ousting the Norwegian.

But now that Zinedine Zidane is one of the frontrunners in the newest Man Utd next manager odds, wonder if Ronaldo is now adding his vote to the majority Solskjaer is calling on.

Insightful if the Manager Specials News It seems like the Frenchman is seriously considering taking over Old Trafford, which will no doubt follow Ronaldo given how much success the two have had together.

In fact, Ronaldo won Three Champions League in a row Trophies under Zidane and a La Liga title in 2017. The two also won a Spanish Super Cup, a UEFA Super Cup and two FIFA Club World Cups. All in all, it’s been a brilliant time in Real Madrid history and while Ronaldo is closer to the end of his career than he was under Zidane, he likely has two seasons left in the Premier League, which means Zizou and CR7 could still get over look forward to another successful collaboration.

At least the possibility of winning silver with a manager who has built teams around him needs to appeal to Ronaldo much more than just getting football lessons from Liverpool and Manchester City. In fact, it’s not just the Premier League elite who enjoy playing against Manchester United, considering Aston Villa could hit the Red Devils at Old Trafford, while Leicester lost four to United at King Power Stadium.

Well, for a man of Ronaldo’s stature and after his sensational career, one cannot imagine that he would want to spend his remaining competitive years being outplayed by teams in the lower half of the English top division. In fact, Ronaldo will likely just have to take so much more before demanding a move from Manchester United by looking for a coach who can compete with the best in Europe.

After all, he’s a man who raises his hands in disgust when his teammates don’t give him the ball, and at the same time stands up to defend the team when he thinks they aren’t carrying their weight. The point is that there are no sacred cows with Cristiano Ronaldo and if you don’t get to the level he sets for himself then you are wasting his time.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is on loan at Old Trafford but you have a feeling the ax will fall at some point if Cristiano Ronaldo demands it. The 36-year-old has the strength to start a coup in the Manchester United dressing room but has been biding his time so far. All eyes will be on Old Trafford during the Christmas season.

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