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7 reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United will be a success – off the post

In August 2021, Cristiano Ronaldo made a surprise return to Manchester United after a 12-year absence. Despite Manchester City’s initial interest, talks soon broke down and CR7 finally got the pen down on paper with the Red Devils.

Of course, his return has split fan opinion – she included! Manchester United fans are overjoyed while rival fans are quick to mention that Ronaldo is 36 years old and no longer the player he once was.

One month after his return, however, Ronaldo has already bagged five – yes, five – Gates. Obviously there is still a lot of life left in the legend of Old Trafford!

So, without further delay, here you are 7th Reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United will be a success!

1. He will score many of goals

First, Ronaldo will score a lot of goals: fact.

Remember, he’s no longer a winger; he’s an absolute number 9. So if CR7 is in the box, you know there’s a chance he’ll hit.

This is especially important as Manchester United – with the exception of Edinson Cavani – have needed a proven goalscorer for several years. They finally have one.

In fact, you could safely bet that Ronaldo will score every game: he is so good. Speaking of betting, with the new season you should try soccer betting online.

2. Mason Greenwood and other young players are getting better

In football, young players develop by being the students of more seasoned professionals. When it comes to experience, there is no better teacher than Cristiano Ronaldo.

As such, players like Mason Greenwood and Marcus Rashford will spend the next few years learning how to ever lace a pair of shoes from one of the greatest players – which is a dream for Manchester United fans.

3. Old Trafford will be electric in every game

Old Trafford has been electrified since Ronaldo’s return. Choirs of “Viva Ronaldo” rang out every minute in the stands at Old Trafford, and these chants only continue as the season progresses. As any football player will tell you, Old Trafford is one of the toughest stadiums to play, especially when the atmosphere bounces.

With Ronaldo on board, Old Trafford will become a fortress again.

4. More players are attracted to sign contracts

All the best players in the world – like Erling Haaland – will be more drawn to a contract with Manchester United now that Ronaldo has returned. This means an incredible team is likely to be built in the years to come that could even compete with ranks 99 and 08. Scary!

5. Top 4 every year is a guarantee

Manchester United fans aren’t calling for a top four finish – they are expect it. It’s safe to say that they don’t need to worry that they might 5. break upNS or 6NS no longer. After all, Ronaldo is a winner and expects nothing less than 1NS!

As Ronaldo would say siuuuuuuuu!

6. Opposing teams have to play more defensively

With opposing teams playing more defensive lines, this means United can play further up front and involve their attackers more in the build-up of the game, like Jadon Sancho. It also means that the Manchester United defenses are under less pressure as the only threat they face will be counterattack.

7. Inventories remain high – this means more money can be invested

Manchester United has been rolling in the money since CR7 returned, which means more transfer investments can be made. Additionally, stadium upgrades and cheaper ticket prices are likely. It’s a dream time to be a United fan.

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