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Liverpool offer update on Harvey Elliott’s injury

There was a lot of discussion about the Harvey Elliott tackle and red card over the weekend, but the only thing that really matters now is his recovery.

You always have to worry about a young player taking a serious injury just in case they never really recover from the field.

Liverpool have offered an update on his condition following a successful ankle surgery and they are suggesting he should be active again this season.

It really sounds like a terrible injury as it suggests his ankle was both broken and dislocated, even though they managed to fix that dislocation on the field.

There is no exact schedule, only that he will return sometime this season. So it won’t be a surprise if it takes months and well into next year before he makes his full competitive return.

Liverpool also quoted his doctor as saying that they don’t want to pressurize a goal for his recovery with him but it is such a shame if he looked like he was playing a regular role on the team this season.

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