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Will Newcastle United take over West Ham and sell “unsupported shirts” to fans?

I saw a mention of West Ham on social media.

I thought it was a parody when someone laughs.

However, it turns out to be true.

What I saw was the mention of fans who could buy ‘unsponsored shirts’, which are West Ham fans of course.

Hmmm, can you buy replica jerseys without the club sponsor on the front?

Sounds a little too good to be true …

Anyway, I checked it out in the official West Ham online shop.

You can buy this short-sleeved West Ham replica shirt in the different adult sizes:

West Ham sponsored jersey

However, you can also buy this in the various adult sizes

West Ham Unsponsored Shirt

I thought the catch was you have to pay a significant amount of extra cash BUT no, the exact same price, £ 60.

This £ 65 adult option is only available on Newcastle United’s official online club shop:

Home shirt Newcastle United season 2021/22This is how West Ham fans can buy a replica shirt without the sponsor AND it’s £ 5 cheaper than paying Newcastle fans for a pair of shorts that are desecrated by the sponsor.

I don’t know how West Ham’s sponsors Betway agreed, as it will certainly reduce their exposure. However, for fans, having a choice is a great thing.

Since betting companies cannot be on junior jerseys, NUFC junior jerseys can be bought unadulterated:

Newcastle United Unsponsored Shirt

Hopefully one day this will be extended to all Newcastle fans soon.

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