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Ronaldo’s inspiring speech that left the Manchester United squad in awe

Before making his second Manchester United debut, Cristiano Ronaldo gave a speech that awe both the staff and the players.

Cristiano Ronaldo made a “touching speech” to his new Manchester United teammates before making his second debut last weekend.

It is widespread that Ronaldo made a speech last week as part of his initiation. Red Devils goalkeeper Lee Grant confirmed it after CR7’s brace against Newcastle on Saturday, but he didn’t want to say exactly what was being said.

“Hey [Ronaldo] got up, he was brilliant, of course I’m not going to reveal the content of what he said, but it was interesting, ”Grant said talkSPORT. “That was one of the points he made on his nerves.

“He repeated it after the game, so really interesting. But I think it shows, and what we all know as players is that he really wants to be here again. He was incredibly excited about the opportunity to come back and play for the club, which is incredibly humbling for the Manchester United fans and everyone who is associated with the club.

“He’s this global mega-star who is absolutely thrilled to be back.”

What did Ronaldo tell the squad?

Like Grant, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the rest of the team remained silent about this speech. The sun However, the newspaper claims it knows what Ronaldo said thanks to an inside source.

“I returned to Man United for two reasons,” Ronaldo reportedly said.

“The first is because I love the club. Second, I love the winning mentality that spreads through the ranks of this club. I didn’t come back to be a cheerleader. If you want to be successful, I need you to love this club from the bottom of my heart.

“You have to eat, sleep and fight for this club. Whether you play or not, you have to support your teammates and always give 100 percent for the club.

“I’m here to win and nothing else. Winning makes us happy. I want to be happy, don’t I? You are all great players and I believe in you or I would not have returned.

“The fans will support you if you do your best. I just want to develop a winning mentality. So when I retire one day the winning mentality will persist and this group of players will dominate football like we have in the past.

“I’ll do my best for the team, but I also need your support. Are you ready to fight Are you ready to leave everything in the field?

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