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Luke Edwards delivers PIF update to Steve Bruce

The Telegraph’s Luke Edwards has revealed what PIF thinks of Newcastle United boss Steve Bruce amid speculation about his sacking is announced.

What’s the matter?

Write on Twitter, he called: “Includes details of Bruce’s talks on Monday, why new owners admire him, and why he still hasn’t been fired.”

Then, in a follow-up article for The Telegraph, Edwards added: “Steve Bruce was commended by the new owners of Newcastle United for his conduct during the 18 month acquisition saga, and for having helped with the club for the past two years held in the Premier League.

“In a long conversation at the club’s training ground on Monday afternoon, Bruce is said to have been impressed by how members of the consortium spoke to him and listened carefully to their ambitions for the club.”

Time for a fresh start

If there is anything positive about Bruce’s reign as a manager at St James’ Park is that he didn’t relegate the team.

The 60-year-old has acted as Mike Ashley’s human shield since taking over from Rafa Benitez a few years ago, and while he did his best to steer the ship, he fell far short of expectations.

Edwards’ claim that Bruce was admired by the club’s new owners for his behavior over the past year shows at least that PIF is aware of the difficult situation the Magpies found themselves in.

Dismissing Bruce after appreciating his work at St. James’ Park seems like an honorable move as they want to embark on a journey into a new era and a fresh start, and fans are sure to be intrigued by what now might come next.

In the meantime, Newcastle could sign this former Premier League star for free …

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