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Rhymes, boredom and disorder | Ass blog … an Arsenal blog

Barren Aaron: He will never father an heir.

Tomiyasu Tiramasu: It brings an oriental flair to an Italian dessert.

Ben Wren: He shines like a little brown bird: White knight: Good at chess.

Kieran Sheeran: Has grown red hair and is unfortunately the type who takes his acoustic guitar to parties.

Xhaka tracker: Software you need to install on your children’s phone to know where they are, but from time to time they will simply be electrocuted.

Party charty: A detailed sheet of information in tabular form, possibly based on repetition criteria.

example: This table shows the distance from the net for each of his shots. The cumulative sum is currently * calculated * infinite + 1.

Sambi Bambi: Has a very good friend who is a rabbit.

Lennie Elneny: Dreams of the Fatta ‘to live the land does not know its own strength. Had an unhappy moment with Sambi’s rabbit friend.

Cartin ‘Martin: Dream of becoming an F1 driver one day.

Lacazette silhouette: It’s there, but it’s hard to see the details.

Teddy Eddie: Loves Elvis, wears clothing partly inspired by the styles worn by dandies in the Edwardian era.

As you can see, I’ve lost what’s left of my tiny little mind. With all the frustration that football brings us, at least it brings us something. All this nothing is unbearable. And there is another interlull next month.

I know the biennial World Cup is little more than a way for FIFA to keep the game in a stranglehold and raise more money so the front runners can continue to lead privileged lives with diamond-studded Lear jets and palatial palaces (the best Art), gold encrusted toilet seats and direct access to the € 10,000 steaks of the road salt meat wanker (which are probably no better than the selected range in your local Aldi), but I can get some changes behind the international qualifying schedule, when it means fewer breaks.

Still, I wonder how next winter’s World Cup (that sounds ridiculous) will affect the football calendar. I don’t think – at least not in my lifetime – that anything was ever planned that would affect the game around the world. Obviously the pandemic and lockdowns did, but that was a case of something that was unexpected and out of everyone’s control.

The World Cup in Qatar is completely different, and while there will be all sorts of debates about how and why it was awarded, the human cost of running the event and beyond, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the decision-making was included would cause this kind of disruption, which makes it easier to do things that would have been unthinkable before.

It happened to Covid-19. Since we had a certain amount of TV coverage, we suddenly had every game live – even some on a Saturday at 3pm, a time slot previously banned in the UK (but not Ireland!). You said that could never happen. Of course there were very special circumstances that led to it, but moving a tournament that has been around for almost 100 years and takes place every summer to winter is quite a change. Maybe I’m cynical – and I realize there is every reason to be cynical about football, the people who run it and all the rest – but I can’t get rid of the feeling that there is more to this decision than at first glance you can see obvious ones that can occur to all of us).

I also found that I used a significant amount of staples today and I feel a little uncomfortable with them. I do not know why. They are legitimate punctuation marks that serve a very useful purpose.

Anyway, Mikel Arteta will meet the press today ahead of our game against Crystal Palace on Monday night. I’m sure he will be asked about Newcastle and the takeover but what can he say other than that this was a decision made elsewhere and that this is a challenge that Arsenal have to grapple with. As someone who’s worked for Man City, it’s not that he can be offended with this type of possession, although I can’t do it to Pep to have a bee in his hood while his scrawny mouth screams and claims that they can’t afford to sign players to add to the many expensive players they’ve already signed.

We’ll be covering a press conference on Arseblog News later that afternoon. Don’t forget, Arsenal Women are in the Champions League tonight. Tim has a game preview here.

That’s it for this morning. More tomorrow, plus an Arsecast. Until then, take it easy.

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