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Juventus wasn’t bad, Chelsea were world class and any team will fear them – Talk Chelsea

Chelsea will be the team every single club in the Champions League wants to avoid in the knockout stage and fears make no mistake.

Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea are the best in form in world football right now as they sit comfortably at the top of the Premier League table and now also at the top of their group in the Champions League after beating Juventus 4-0 last night.

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But Juventus wasn’t poor, Chelsea were just amazingly good. They were literally perfect and I haven’t seen a more complete performance from us in a while. And against a team that is itself considered a global giant in football. That victory last night will be talked about for many years to come and should never be taken for granted. We Chelsea fans have to gobble this up, soak it up and enjoy it for some time.

We made it easy to beat Juventus 4-0 and the thing is, it could have been more. They hardly threatened us and Chelsea could easily have scored more goals.

Thomas Tuchel is thriving more and more and wants this perfection, and he got it yesterday evening. He’s built a team that no one wants to play against, just as he promised when he arrived at Stamford Bridge.

It’s easy to get carried away after two great performances like this one after beating Leicester City 3-0 on Saturday as well. But the thing is, Chelsea now looks more complete than ever. They are solid in the back, they are well trained and organized, they can both defend in numbers and be devastating to attack. And the main thing is the team spirit and the mentality, the winning mentality is firmly entrenched now and the rest of the world has to fear Chelsea more than any other team out there.

It doesn’t get any better than that Chelsea performance last night and whatever happens in the future I’ll make sure I enjoy this moment now!

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