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Cristiano Ronaldo on track to repeat Champions League history after Villarreal’s goal | November 24, 2021

What else? Well, every goal CR7 has scored in the group stage so far has been a prelude, winner or equalizer, which underscores its reputation as one of the greatest “clutch” players of all time. Three of those crucial hits came in the last 15 minutes (his two against Villarreal plus the equalizer at Atalanta) which only added to the point.

He’s also in double digits for club season, which means he’s hit that milestone in each of his last five United campaigns. He still has a long way to go to top the historic 42-goal odyssey of 2007/08, but the numbers of 23 and 26 achieved in 06/07 and 08/09 respectively could still be exceeded or surpassed .

Perhaps most incredible is that the 36-year-old’s lifter in Spain is 799.

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