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Guardiola relieves the ´brillante´ city has learned her lesson from the defeat of Paris

Pep Guardiola believed Manchester City learned a lesson from their September loss to Paris Saint-Germain when they beat Paris 2-1 on Wednesday.

City secured first place in Group A thanks to the win, becoming only the second English club to win their group in five consecutive seasons in the current format of the competition.

They had to do it the hard way when PSG took the lead at the start of the second half through Kylian Mbappe.

Raheem Sterling reversed this and substitute Gabriel Jesus won the victory. It was the first Champions League game PSG ever lost after scoring the goal in the second half.

At times, the game was very similar to the first meeting of the two teams of the season, when PSG won 2-0 – City again sovereignly achieved better chances, only to be somehow even at break.

But while City failed to score despite 1.9 expected goals (xG) in Paris and PSG scored twice by 0.46 xG, Guardiola’s men saw their 1.99 xG well in that one game with two goals at Etihad Stadium.

They were clinical, and Guardiola was pleased.

When told the game was similar to the September meeting, Guardiola told BT Sport: “That’s true, that’s true. So it’s a good lesson.

“You lose – okay, you have to keep going. It’s 90 minutes, more than 90 minutes, you have to move on.

“The games are long, we knew the draw was a good result for us, but luckily we won in the end.

“We showed a good performance again like in the first game. Unfortunately, we couldn’t use the chances in the first half and we suffered after the goal, but afterwards with our people [fans], thank you people for coming, it was a nice night for us.

PSG’s famous front three Mbappe, Neymar and Lionel Messi only put together five shots, keeping the Parisians’ overall xG at a relatively low 1.1.

Of course, they hardly needed a sniff in the Parc des Princes, but Guardiola was generally pleased with the way City handled this time.

“With these players, I always believe that the further they are from our goal, the safer we are,” he added. “The closer you are, the more rooms you will find.

“Look at the action when Neymar finished with the goalkeeper and failed. You create from nothing.

“You’re too good at the front and we had to defend as a team. If you think a guy is going to solve the quality he has, that’s impossible.

“We were there with good serenity and in the end I don’t know the statistics, but I think we were brilliant again today and that’s good for us.”

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