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The best card games on the theme of sports – Off The Post

Online casinos have developed a multitude of variations on famous card games. These are often themed based, and we’ve seen several sports-themed card games launch online. Continue below as we check out the best sports-themed card games, starting with Frankie
Dettoris Magic Seven Blackjack.

This sports themed card game was developed by Playtech and you can play against the dealer with one, two or three hands. The game itself is based on the traditional form of blackjack and is therefore suitable for beginners and experienced players, but there is one thing that is special and that is
Series of special payouts. When playing the game, you have the option of placing what is known as a “Magic Seven Side Bet” that matches the original bet. However, when you place the Magic Seven Side Bet, trophies will appear randomly in the upper right corner of the cards dealt and you will need to collect at least two trophies in a single round or in consecutive rounds. A maximum of seven trophies can be collected and the more you have, the higher the payout.

Regular online casino players believe that Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Blackjack is one of the best variations of blackjack available online today, and perhaps the premier sports-themed card game. You can learn more about online card games by clicking this link and there is a lot of information about blackjack, poker and baccarat.

Moving on to the best sports-themed card games, we come to the Live Football Studio. This game was produced by Evolution Gaming and launched in June 2018 on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup ™
in Russia. In terms of simplicity, you will struggle to find an easier game to play at an online casino and Live Football Studio has two teams, home and away. The teams are represented by the colors red and blue and each team receives cards. The cards are then compared with one another
and the team with the highest card wins the game, with a tie if the cards are equal.

Overall, there are only three betting options available during a Live Football Studio game. Home wins a payout of 1: 1, Away wins a payout of 1: 1 and a tie wins a payout of 11: 1. If you bet on a home or away win and the result is a tie, you will get 50% of your stake back. Besides the game itself,
There is a live real world soccer news feed and it is possible to discuss soccer topics with the dealer, which makes Live Football Studio one of the best sports themed card games out there.

At the time of writing, we don’t have the same wide range of sports-related card games as sports-based slot machines. There is a European game of roulette based on soccer, but we’re still waiting for the world of sports-themed card games to pick up speed.

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