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The truth of those £ 100m Newcastle United signings in January

The clock is now ticking when it comes to Newcastle United signings in this next transfer window.

Only 37 days until January 2022 window will open.

Premier League clubs can re-enter the transfer market on Saturday, January 1, 2022, with the window then closing at 11 p.m. on Monday, January 31, 2022.

This will of course be the first chance for the new (ish) Newcastle United owners to influence the transfer market.

The consortium that bought NUFC inherited a toxic situation from Mike Ashley and his henchmen like Steve Bruce and Lee Charnley.

The keys to St. James Park were finally handed over exactly seven weeks ago on Thursday, October 7, 2021, with the team in the relegation zone after a disastrous year on the transfer market. Two transfer windows with only Joe Willock buying his way into the NUFC’s first team squad and in lieu of adequate reinforcement required in numerous areas of that roster, a number of new deals were handed out to existing players … many / most of which otherwise now at championship clubs.

The timing of the acquisition meant it would be nearly three months before the Saudi PIF-funded property could attract some new players to have a positive impact.

So what signings from Newcastle United can we expect in January 2022?

Well, as NUFC fans, we will be welcoming a slew of £ 100m worth of signings from Newcastle United this mid-season. This is natural IF you can believe what you are reading.

Exclusively for exclusive details as Newcastle is already in talks to sign player after player

Transfer fees of £ 80m, £ 100m, £ 120m….

Wages of £ 200,000 a week, £ 300,000 a week, £ 400,000 a week …

No problem, because of course the new owners of Newcastle United are very wealthy.

There is, of course, another point of view.

That in fact every single one of these £ 100m (transfer fees and wages) Newcastle United signings will not take place in January 2022.

That they are, in fact, all made up. Imagine journalists simply inventing stories to sell newspapers and get clicks, who would have thought?

I don’t know a single Newcastle United fan who thinks the club will buy one of these players worth over £ 100m in January. Maybe I’m in the wrong circles, but I don’t think so.

It’s amazing how deep the media has sunk these days, that so many journalists and their employers are just so desperate for money that they just do some old crap, knowing that it’s rubbish AND doesn’t even make any sense.

As we are constantly reminded, as if we somehow missed that little point, Newcastle United have three and a half months in the season without a single game and are deeply in relegation problems, currently five points behind safety.

So just think of the logic that would come in at £ 100m + Newcastle United signings in the new year.

Why would elite players sign a long-term deal with Newcastle United at this point, facing relegation battle?

At this point, as a club facing relegation battle, why would Newcastle United sign a long-term deal with elite players?

I love when one of those shameless journalists publishes a story like Newcastle United trying to sign Mbappe in January. They follow up on telling a story and then ditch the idea that Newcastle United might have thought they could sign Mbappe in January. The last part of this scenario played out with then rival fans / trolls who used all Newcastle supporters to be so fooled that they thought we’d see Mbappe play in black and white stripes from January 2022.

I don’t know what to expect, with ambitious owners the sky could be the limit as to who could be committed in the future and what could be achieved on the pitch in the future.

The future is the future, however, and the here and now is simply survival this season, with players to be signed in January 2022 who look like they can help make it happen.

This won’t be £ 100m + Newcastle United signings, these will be possibly one or two permanent, fairly significant signings. I’m not saying it will necessarily be him, but Tarkowski at Burnley obviously wouldn’t be a surprise, his contract ends in seven months and if it’s £ 20m from Newcastle in January or nothing after June 2022 this is the kind of Deal that could well happen. Forget all that nonsense about other Premier League clubs that may refuse to sell players to Newcastle. Other clubs will be pragmatic in that if players are to be sold they are being sold to whoever offers the most money, not to mention that nowadays the players have the vast majority of power. If a player wants to leave a particular club and go to a particular club, it is ridiculous to think that any club can then tell him that you cannot go to Newcastle, only to those licensed clubs.

A player like Tarkowski could possibly imagine not being afraid of a relegation battle OR a subsequent promotion attempt. Knowing he’s joining an ambitious club that may have better days ahead and, of course, a serious raise.

Quite different when it comes to £ 100m + elite deals on potential Newcastle United signings. In our current situation, you will not conclude any open-ended contracts with an association.

However, I think alongside one or two solid credible Tarkovsky-like purchases in January, we are very likely to see some loan signatures somewhere between those purchases and the elite targets made up.

These Newcastle United owners will be happy to fund ambitious loan agreements that will pay wages and loan fees, attract players on short term contracts from Premier League clubs and / from overseas who can potentially help keep the club high in the short term. Some of them may even make arrangements that if / when survival is achieved a permanent move to Newcastle United may well follow.

Here we are. I think we can be hopeful, expectant and even excited about who will be signed by Newcastle in January.

However, the focus of these signings will primarily be on avoiding relegation in the first place and it won’t include £ 100m + deals.

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