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Zac Stacy’s ex-girlfriend testifies in court that she fears for her life

F.former NFL player Zac Stacys Ex girlfriend, Kristin Evans finally appeared in court on Wednesday to speak to 9th District Judge Mark S. Blechman. she wasviolently attacked They have two children from their former partner before their baby. Evans was afraid to appear in court because she was clearly afraid Stacy Things would escalate and endanger their lives. After revealing on Stace that TMZ scooped on November 18, legal action has been taken against the former New York Jets and St. Louis Rams Player.

The police arrested him and gave him testimony before a judge, forcing him to surrender both his passport and firearms. When first appearing in court on November 19th, Bond for Stacy‘s release was set to US & 10,150 after he was indicted Aggravated battery and criminal nonsense. Evans told the judge that she is afraid to return to her house because she expects Stacy to attack her again. However, Stacy’s attorney revealed new information on the former NFL Location of the player. After the judge banned him from entering the state FloridaLawyer Thomas Lukas told the judge that Stacy changed his address to Alabama, where he lives with relatives.

For several years he has suffered from mental health problems. This is an inpatient intensive care program for mental health problems,

Zac Stacy’s lawyer Thomas Luka

Evans report of what happened to her.

During the deposit, Evans revisited the same detail she wrote in the injunction. Nor did she tell the judge why she still feared for her life and that she was told that some of her injuries may never fully heal. Here’s what she said: “I was beaten, beaten, literally picked up and thrown into mineTV and then (he) picked me up and smacked me in my son’s bouncy seat at my throat. This is not the first time he’s been violent towards me. I fear for my safety and mine Children’s safety. My injuries from this incident are serious and likely permanent from what I was. “

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