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Mohamed Salah – Milestones in the Premier League goals

Played another weekend in the Premier League, reached another milestone and a very special one for Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah.

Salah celebrates goal against Leeds

In the Reds’ dominant 3-0 win over Leeds United on Saturday, Salah, one of the best African footballers of all time, finished 30thNS Player reached 100 Premier League goals in the league’s 1930sNS Season since its inception. It was a worthy honor for a player who has contributed so much to the English top flight in a relatively short period of time, from recording the most goals scored in a Premier League season and winning consecutive gold boots to being on top Liverpool’s first title since 1990.

From his first goal as a Chelsea player in 2014 to his easy finish against Leeds on Sunday, it can be said that Liverpool’s Egyptian king made his own place in Premier League history, becoming an Anfield legend in the process . To celebrate his century of goals, we took a trip back in time to review some of the milestones in his career.

Mohamed Salah / The 5 biggest goals in the Premier League

1. First goal: vs Arsenal (22nd March 2014)

Having become such an icon on Merseyside, it now feels strange to remember how he once donned the blue of Chelsea, and during a London derby against Arsenal, Salah was first featured in the Premier League- List of players entered.

In a game that rolled over the Blues and were already 5-0 up, Salah found all the time and space a Premier League striker could want with a ball over the top of the Arsenal defense and he pushed it Ball lightly to Wojciech. past Szczesny rounds off an amazing Chelsea win.

It was the first of just two Premier League goals for Chelsea, both of which came in the run-up to the 2013-14 season. After falling out of favor and breaking new ground, it would be over three years before he scored another goal in the Premier League.

2. 100NS Goal: Vs Leeds United (12NS September 2021)

His time at Chelsea may not have worked out as planned, but as we’ve all seen since then, Salah has built an incredible career at Liverpool. After scoring 98 of his 100 Premier League goals for the Merseyside team, the winger struck again in Liverpool’s most recent win against Leeds to reach the milestone.

Just over 20 minutes into play on Elland Road, a low cross from the overlapping Trent Alexander-Arnold found Salah meters away and the Egyptian stabbed the ball home to give Liverpool the lead.

A clear goal that the Reds finally got on the way when they took a comfortable 3-0 win and climbed to the top of the table after four games with 10 points.

3rd best goal: Vs Chelsea (14th)NS April 2019)

Towards the end of Salah’s second season on Merseyside, Liverpool were neck and neck with Manchester City in the most intense title race the league had ever seen. As the season neared its end, Salah stepped up and scored the biggest goal of his career.

At 0-0 in a colossal showdown against his ex-club Chelsea, Salah received a ball in his usual position on the right wing. After bringing the ball to the ground in front of The Kop, he struck inward before immediately firing a missile with his left foot that shot right into the far corner of Kepa Arrizabalaga’s net. It was a goal that set Liverpool on the path to an important 2-0 win.

Though the Reds would end up missing the title by a single point, the goal and moment were cemented as perhaps Salah’s most iconic in a Liverpool shirt, a goal that seems impossible to stop.

4. Main goal: Vs Crystal Palace (24.)NS June 2020)

The agony of Liverpool’s near-miss in 2019 eventually served as the launch pad from which the Reds would finally claim the first Premier League crown in 2020, a triumph in which Salah once again played a major role.

While you could probably describe one of Salah’s goals from this season as the most important of his Liverpool career, it was his goal in a 4-0 win over Crystal Palace that finally removed any doubts about the title’s goal.

Played shortly after Project Restart started in June, Liverpool were already 1-0 up in the game before an inch-perfect pass over the top of defense found Salah on the right side of the box as he quietly passed Wayne Hennessey.

2-0 before halftime, the goal effectively ended Crystal Palace and ended the 2019-20 title race for good, with Liverpool confirmed as champions the following evening when Manchester City lost to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

5th Most Memorable Goal: Vs Everton (10thNS December 2017)

We’ve looked back on Salah’s magic goal against Chelsea, but in his early days on Merseyside, the Egyptian scored another iconic goal that was just as memorable.

On his first taste of a Merseyside derby at Anfield, Salah received the ball again in his usual right wing position with his back to goal. After turning inside again, the striker dribbled past two defenders before flexing a perfect long shot from the post behind Everton’s Jordan Pickford.

Despite only earning Liverpool one derby tie, the goal was immortalized in football as the 2018 Puskas Award winner, only the second time the award has been claimed by a Premier League player.

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